June 21st, 2024 - 7:30 PM

St. Joseph the Worker, 505 Brewster St, Winnipeg

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Here's what people are saying about Illuminate:

"I love the music, it is hitting home"

"God has touched me through confession. I feel empty, but a good type of empty; I feel emptied of my sins but also filled with the love of God our father."

"The heaviness, the busy-ness, the demands of this life lifted & lightened. God refreshed me and strengthened me."

"God made me more aware of how beautiful and wonderful the Eucharist is. Through the music and adoration, I found a beauty in adoring the Lord."

"Beautiful, beautiful service"

"I realized tonight that God has waited for me so long and was just showering me with His mercy until I came running back to Him."

"This is a side of being Catholic that I've never experienced before"

"God has helped draw me closer to Him, and drawn me to the Sacrament of Confession; through Adoration."

"I really enjoyed the music; I thought the songs were very powerful"

Illuminate is a free event, and completely funded by the generosity of the community.